Airport material handling system

Airports are the international turntables of our rapidly traversed and globalized world. In complex and detailed areas, items of luggage must be rapidly sorted and transported reliably in the shortest time possible.

Passengers check in items of luggage at the check-in and expect their case to arrive securely and on time at the destination. However, behind this lies any amount of expertise and work. High-quality systems are required for the transport.

As specialists in supply and automation, we build these systems for our partner Siemens and have acquired a great store of international experience in these applications. We equip airports e.g. in Germany, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, Venezuela, Spain, Korea, Abu Dhabi, Portugal, Australia and Romania.

Roller conveyorsBelt / strand conveyors,  Tray-material handling systemsBaggage carousel conveyorsLift station / vertical lift / paternoster lift stationCheck-In conveyors

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