Pallet circulation conveyors (PUB)

The ideal solution for diverse transport requirements in which buffer zones or trade-discipline overlapping transports must be created.

One of the exceptional properties of a pallet circulation belt is that unloading can be carried out independently of the loading, or vice versa. Since the PUB is adapted individually to the requirements arising due to customer factors, this transport resource is capable, both manually as well as through robotic technology, of being loaded/unloaded, as well as unloaded/loaded. A secure and calm transport of the transportation goods is realized over a workpiece support circuit, which can be stopped exactly at the specified positions. The transport goods can be transported lying horizontally, suspended, as well as tilted at an angle of up to 90° in the feed direction.

  • Length: From approx. 200 mm to approx. 25,000 mm
  • Width: Min. 550 mm to 2000 mm
  • Weight / workpiece holder: 80 kg
  • Field of application: For example in the automobile sector or in plastic manufacture, but also possible in all other areas

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