Indexing belts

The ideal and low-cost response to the most varied transport requirements.

The area of application of these conveyors is both in the passenger car sector, in mechanical engineering and in plastic technology.

Chain cycle belts are characterized by special suitability for use in applications where it is possible to place several of the items conveyed one after each other within a fixed-defined insertion area. Mainly manual loading and unloading robots are employed for that, however, which does not exclude other variants being selected here. Absolute maintenance of dimensional accuracy of the concise loading and unloading position is guaranteed here. Workpiece holders can be arranged with standard profiles, as well as with individually produced receptacles, at separation distances which result from the chain sub-division. The requirement on the transport goods to be transported suspended, lying down or also sloping at an angle of 0° to 90° in the feed direction, is included in the standard program.

  • Length: From approx. 1000 mm to approx. 12000 mm
  • Width: Min. 250 mm to 1500 mm
  • Weight / workpiece holder: Approx. 50 kg
  • Field of application: In all areas possible


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