UV paint

UV paints are especially efficient, environmentally-friendly and offer special surface advantages, such as e.g. extremely high scratch resistance, high gloss and a pleasant tactile feeling. The UV system technology saves you time, space, energy and money.

 You save time

  • Short drying times and fast hardening times of the paint
  • Short passage time
  • High production speed
  • Fast further processing

You save energy

  • No warming-up of the dryer
  • Low level of workpiece heating
  • No cooling zone necessary any longer

You save space

  • No large dryers necessary any longer

You save paint

  • Up to 98% of the paint is used since the overspray can be reused
  • Lowers paint, energy and waste-disposal costs

You are provided with a high level of characteristic features

  • High mechanical strength with simultaneously viscous-elastic characteristics
  • Chemically-resistant
  • Corrosion-proof

You take care of the environment

  • Emission reduction
  • No formation of explosive air-solvent mix (no Ex-protection required!)
Curing of UV paint
of lipstick casings on spindles

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