Paint Booth and Air Make-up

We build coating booth using the most varied materials e.g. stainless steel or aluminum. You are provided by us with small, compact systems which can be placed flexibly. Likewise however, we also integrate large plants into existing manufacturing sequences.

Our paint boothes include:

  • Different door- and gate systems
  • Individual lighting systems
  • Image-supported identification systems which determine size and type with the feed of the workpiece into the system, in order to set-adjust the following applications on the workpiece type
  • The air conditioning:
    -Consisting of supply, feedback and circulating air
    -Filtering the ventilation unit
    -Heating / cooling, as well as humidifying and dehumidifying 
    -Environmentally-related exhaust-air feedback and cleaning process, such as e.g. TNV (thermal post-combustion process) and RNV (back-combustion process)
  • Wet and dry separator

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