We Offer:

WIG processes

MIG processes

MAG processes

Resistance welding

Orbital welding:

Circular-seam welding possible for internal and external
application e.g. socket couplings, connections

CNC bolt welding:

Parts to 1,250 x 2,250 mm
Bolts M3 - M8 x 40 mm
Other bolts on request

Welding robot

Series welding with
CMT (Cold Metal Transfer)- for a splash-free and low-delay process


Quality optimization
  • Process security:
    Reliable, constant quality. Anti-fatigue welding up to the last joint.
  • Low-delay welding:
    More rapid and gentler handling of the workpiece through lifting and rotating tables. Fixed and secure clamping enables rapid, uniform and low-stress welding.
Cost saving
  • Through saving of time:
    Shortening of the welding time with constant quality. As a result of the employment of lifting and rotating tables the work flow is faster. Reduction of the durability through two cubicles which are driven to alternately.
Parts up to 400 cm length / 160 cm width / 160 cm height can be processed.

Resistance welding in accordance with the specifications of the overall welding direction DIN18800-7:2002-09


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