Vision Technologies

High-precision camera inspection systems for an improved quality

“Vision Technologies” develops, designs, produces and distributes inspection and verification systems for visual monitoring of quality and processes.

Fields of application:

  • Early identification of any material defects
  • Inline-measurement of quality and roughness
  • Completeness check of parts and subassemblies
  • Automatic measurement of work pieces

We offer:

  • Hardware- and software development
  • Optica development
  • Design
  • Systems technology
  • Project planning

Advantages for your products and your production process

We integrate our systems directly into production processes and are not only able to make accurate statements about the quality but contribute in improving processes through process feedback. Smallest defects can be detected accurately. Even at high production speeds and short cycle times the systems of the Sturm-Gruppe meet all verification tasks reliably and inline to the process. Our objective is the complete and comprehensive monitoring of the production process.

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